The World Wide Web is based on unique numbers known as IP addresses and every device or website that is a part of the Web contains this kind of an address. It really is pretty hard to remember to visit to see a website though, because of this a much quicker structure was made in the 80s - domains. Every single domain name consists of a primary part as well as an extension, for example or Plenty of extensions exist worldwide - some of them are given to countries, like in the aforementioned example, which is given to the United Kingdom, while many others are generic, like .com or .net. Some extensions are available for registration by any entity and some others have particular requirements - business registration, local presence, etc. You can get a new domain through a registrar firm such as ours and when the extension supports domain transfers, you can move an existing domain between registrars too.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Website Hosting

If you obtain a website hosting account through our company, you will be able to register domains with over 50 generic and country-code extensions, for example .com, .net, .me, .pro, .tv, and many more. For some of the abovementioned we are an accredited registrar, while for others we work with a number of the most popular registrar companies out there, which means that we will offer you almost instant registration and domain administration services. In case you already have a domain name through another provider, you'll be able to easily move it over and manage it together with your shared web hosting package with our all-in-one Hepsia Control Panel. You'll enjoy complete control over your domains whenever you want and you shall be able to renew them, create customized domain records, specify Privacy Protection and a lot more.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Semi-dedicated Hosting

With our semi-dedicated server plans, you can create as many domain names as you would like and manage them in a single place along with your hosting account using our multi-purpose Hepsia Control Panel. You are able to pick from more than 50 country-specific and generic extensions and because many of them have specific conditions to be registered, we will give you a hand from the minute of your order up till the moment the domains are accessible on the Web. In case you already have domain names through a different provider and you'd like to host them with us, you can also transfer them over as it will be easier to manage everything via a single account as opposed to browsing through various systems. We work with an ICANN-licensed registrar, which means that we can supply rapid registration services as well as a lot of enhanced domain management options.

Domain Registration/Transfer in VPS Hosting

We provide easy domain name registrations services, so if you want to get a new domain name for your website, you are able to purchase it along with your virtual private server and it'll be active several minutes after that. We're a licensed registrar, which allows us to provide speedy and high-quality registration services. You'll be able to register domain names with over 50 country-specific and generic TLDs, so you are able to pick a particular extension in accordance with the content of a given site or build localized websites, each one with its own country-code extension. In case you have already registered domains via some other service provider and you want to host them on your brand new VPS, it will be easier if you transfer them over - you can control everything from a single place, not mentioning that we offer very competitive prices.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Dedicated Web Hosting

We are a certified registrar, so when you obtain a dedicated server through our company, you'll have the option to register domains for your web sites as well. All of our rates are very advantageous and our registrations are nearly split-second, so it won't take over several min before your brand new domains go live. We'll assist you with the registration process for all of the extensions which have specific requirements and we will ensure that the registration process goes as quickly and as easily as it can be. You are able to select from 50+ TLDs, both generic and country-code ones, so that you can select the suitable domain names for all your sites considering the countries that you'd like to target and the kind of the web sites that you'll run on the server. When you'd like to host domain names registered in a different place, you may as well transfer them over and take care of everything effortlessly from a single place.